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Does Aetna Insurance Cover Mental Health Rehab Treatment Costs?

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Aetna’s ACA health insurance plans for Arizona are designed to provide extensive coverage that meets a wide range of healthcare needs. From mental health services and prescription drugs to maternity and newborn care, these plans ensure you and your family receive the essential benefits required for a healthy life. For more detailed information or specific questions, it’s always best to refer to your plan documents or contact Aetna directly.

Aetna Health Insurance

Mental health is an essential aspect of overall well-being, and seeking treatment for mental health issues is crucial. For those considering rehab for mental health treatment in Arizona, understanding insurance coverage is a vital step. This blog from Nirvana Recovery, best rehab center in Phoenix explores whether Aetna Insurance covers mental health rehab treatment costs and provides detailed answers to common questions.

Aetna General Policy Exclusions for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Coverage

When reviewing the policy exclusions related to mental health and substance abuse treatment, it’s essential to understand what services are not covered under the general policy terms. Here is a concise summary:

Behavioral Health Treatment Exclusions

  • Excluded Conditions: Treatment for dementia and amnesia without a behavioral disturbance necessitating mental health treatment is not covered.
  • Educational and Vocational Services: Education services, special education, remedial education, wilderness treatment programs, and services provided in conjunction with vocational, work, or recreational activities are excluded.
  • Transportation: Transportation costs are not covered.
  • Sexual Deviations and Disorders: Excluded unless specifically covered under the policy.
  • Tobacco Use Disorders: Treatment and services for tobacco use disorders and nicotine dependence are excluded unless covered under preventive care counseling services.

Other Notable Exclusions

  • Blood and Blood Services: These include services like blood processing, storage, and donor services.
  • Cosmetic Services and Plastic Surgery: Treatments aimed at altering or enhancing the appearance, except where specified in the coverage section.
  • Court-Ordered Testing: Testing or care mandated by a court unless deemed medically necessary.
  • Custodial Care: Services to assist with daily living activities or personal needs, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding.
  • Dental Care: Most dental procedures, implants, and orthodontics are not covered.
  • Educational Services: Includes special education, remedial programs, job training, and similar services.
  • Experimental or Investigational Treatments: Drugs, devices, or experimental or investigational procedures.
  • Foot Care: Routine treatments for calluses, bunions, and similar conditions.
  • Growth/Height Care: Treatments and procedures to alter height or growth rates.
  • Maintenance Care: Services aimed at maintaining, rather than improving, a level of physical or mental function.
  • Outpatient Disposable Supplies: This includes items like bandages, support hose, and home test kits unrelated to diabetes.
  • Missed Appointments: Charges for missed or canceled appointments.
  • Non-Covered Services: Services you have no legal obligation to pay or that you wouldn’t be charged if you didn’t have coverage.
  • Personal Care Items: Items primarily for personal comfort or convenience.
  • Outpatient Private Duty Nursing: Services provided by a family member or household member.
  • Sexual Dysfunction and Enhancement: Treatments for sexual dysfunction or performance enhancement.
  • Strength and Performance: Services and supplies to enhance physical strength or performance.
  • Therapies and Tests: Full body CT scans, hair analysis, hypnosis, and massage therapy unless part of physical therapy.
  • Tobacco Cessation: Treatments and supplies to stop tobacco use unless recommended by the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF).
  • Treatment in Governmental Entities: Care provided by facilities owned by federal, state, or other governmental entities unless required by law.
  • Vision Care for Adults: Routine vision exams and related services.
  • Voluntary Sterilization: Reversal procedures and related follow-up care.
  • Wilderness Treatment Programs: Excluded as part of educational services.
  • Work-Related Illness or Injuries: Coverage available under workers’ compensation or similar programs.

These exclusions highlight the importance of reviewing your specific policy documents to understand the scope of coverage and any potential out-of-pocket costs for mental health and substance abuse treatments. For more detailed information, refer to your plan’s Evidence of Coverage (EOC) and Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC).

What Types of Mental Health Treatments Are Covered by Aetna?

Aetna Insurance offers coverage for a wide range of mental health treatments. These typically include:

  • Inpatient Rehabilitation: Intensive, round-the-clock care in a residential setting.
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation: Scheduled treatment sessions while the patient lives at home.
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP): Day programs that provide intensive treatment without an overnight stay.
  • Therapy Sessions: Individual, group, and family therapy sessions.
  • Medication Management: Prescription medications necessary for treatment.

6 Essential Benefits of Aetna ACA Health Insurance Plans

Aetna’s ACA health insurance plans provide comprehensive coverage with a wide range of essential benefits to ensure you and your family access the necessary healthcare services. Here’s a detailed look at these essential benefits:

  • Every Aetna ACA plan covers mental health services, which include:
    • Counseling and therapy sessions
    • Inpatient and outpatient mental health treatment
    • Medication management for mental health conditions
  • Prescription drug coverage is an integral part of Aetna’s ACA plans. Generic prescriptions are available for a $5 or less copay* to help you afford your medication needs.
  • Preventive care, including routine check-ups, vaccinations, and screenings for various health conditions, is provided at no additional cost.
  • Inpatient services are covered for specialized medical care
  • Rehabilitation services and devices are covered for therapies 
  • With Aetna ACA plans, you can access a quality local network of doctors, specialists, and hospitals, ensuring you find the provider you need for comprehensive care.

Is Inpatient Mental Health Rehab Covered?

Yes, Aetna typically covers inpatient mental health rehab. However, the extent of coverage depends on the specific plan. It’s crucial to check if the rehab facility is in-network to maximize benefits and minimize out-of-pocket costs.

What About Outpatient Mental Health Rehab?

Outpatient mental health rehab is also generally covered by Aetna. This includes services like counseling, therapy sessions, and follow-up care. Coverage specifics such as the number of sessions and co-pays vary by plan.

How to Verify Coverage

To understand your specific coverage, it’s advisable to:

  1. Check the Benefit Summary: Review the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) provided by Aetna.
  2. Review the Evidence of Insurance (EOI): Detailed policy documents can provide more specific information.
  3. Use the Member Portal: Log into Aetna’s online member portal for personalized information about your plan.
  4. Call Behavioral Health Services: Use the phone number on the back of your insurance ID card to speak directly with a representative about mental health benefits.

Questions People Ask Nirvana Recovery About Insurance Coverage

When contacting a rehab center, asking the right questions can help you understand what your insurance will cover and what costs you might incur. Here are some common questions asked at our rehab center in Phoenix:

General Coverage Questions

Is the Rehab Center In-Network with Aetna Insurance?

Yes, Nirvana Recovery is in-network with Aetna Insurance. This partnership helps maximize your insurance benefits and reduce out-of-pocket costs for treatment.

What is the Total Cost of the Rehab Program, and How Much Will Aetna Cover?

The total cost of the rehab program at Nirvana Recovery varies depending on the type and length of treatment required. Aetna typically covers a significant portion of these costs, especially if the services are in-network. For an accurate estimate, please contact our billing department or check your plan details.

Are There Any Additional Fees Not Covered by Insurance?

While Aetna covers most treatment costs, there might be additional fees for certain services or amenities not included in your plan. Our admissions team can provide a detailed breakdown of any potential out-of-pocket expenses.

Treatment-Specific Questions

Does Aetna Cover the Entire Length of Stay for Inpatient Rehab?

Aetna generally covers the entire length of stay for inpatient rehab, subject to medical necessity and plan limits. It’s important to obtain pre-authorization to confirm the duration of coverage.

Are Outpatient Services, Such as Therapy Sessions, Covered?

Yes, outpatient services, including therapy sessions, are covered under Aetna plans. However, the number of covered sessions and specific services can vary based on your plan.

Is Medication Management Included in the Coverage?

Yes, Aetna’s coverage includes medication management as part of mental health treatment, including prescriptions necessary for your recovery.

What Types of Therapies (Individual, Group, Family) Are Covered?

Aetna covers various therapy types at Nirvana Recovery, including:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy

Cost and Payment Questions

What is My Co-Pay or Co-Insurance Amount for Rehab Services?

Co-pay or co-insurance amounts vary depending on your specific Aetna plan. Our billing department can help you determine your out-of-pocket costs based on your plan details.

What is My Deductible, and How Much of It Has Been Met This Year?

Your deductible and the amount met so far can be found in your insurance policy documents or by contacting Aetna directly. This information is crucial to understanding your financial responsibility.

Are There Any Limits on the Number of Treatment Days or Sessions Covered?

Coverage limits on the number of treatment days or sessions depend on your specific Aetna plan. Pre-authorization and plan review can clarify these limits.

What Payment Options Are Available for Costs Not Covered by Insurance?

Nirvana Recovery offers various payment options for costs not covered by insurance, including payment plans and financial assistance programs. Our admissions team can provide more information.

Administrative and Legal Questions

Will the Rehab Center Handle Insurance Claims, or Do I Need to Submit Them?

Nirvana Recovery handles all insurance claims on your behalf, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

What Happens If My Insurance Claim Is Denied?

If your insurance claim is denied, our billing department will work with you to appeal the decision and explore alternative payment options.

Are There Pre-Authorization Requirements for Any Treatments?

Yes, certain treatments may require pre-authorization from Aetna. Our admissions team will assist you in obtaining the necessary approvals.

What Documentation is Needed for Insurance Purposes?

Required documentation typically includes your insurance card, identification, and any pre-authorization forms. Our admissions team will guide you through the documentation process.

Additional Considerations

What Happens If I Need to Extend My Stay Beyond the Covered Period?

If an extension of your stay is medically necessary, we will work with Aetna to seek additional coverage. We will discuss any uncovered days with you in advance.

Are There Any Financial Assistance Programs Available?

Yes, Nirvana Recovery offers financial assistance programs to help cover treatment costs not covered by insurance. Our admissions team can provide details and help you apply.

Is There a Sliding Scale for Fees Based on Income?

We offer a sliding scale for fees based on income to make treatment more accessible. Contact our admissions team to learn more about eligibility and application.

If you have any further questions or would like to begin the admission process, please contact Nirvana Recovery’s admissions team. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Ensuring Comprehensive Coverage

Understanding and verifying insurance coverage can be complex. Here are some tips to ensure comprehensive coverage:

  • Contact Aetna Directly: Speak with a representative to clarify coverage specifics and confirm details provided by the rehab center.
  • Review Your Policy: Carefully read your insurance policy to understand the terms and conditions related to mental health rehab coverage.
  • Seek Pre-authorization: Obtain pre-authorization from Aetna for the rehab program to avoid unexpected expenses.


Navigating insurance coverage for mental health rehab can be challenging, but asking the right questions can help you understand what is covered and what costs you may incur. Aetna Insurance generally covers a range of mental health treatments, but the specifics can vary based on your plan. By thoroughly understanding your insurance policy and communicating effectively with both the insurance provider and the rehab center, you can ensure that you or your loved one receives the necessary care without unexpected financial burdens.

For more detailed information, refer to your specific Aetna plan and consult with insurance and medical professionals.

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