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Drug Rehab Arizona offers comprehensive and compassionate support for individuals seeking to overcome addiction and reclaim their lives. Located in the heart of Arizona

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Arizona Drug Rehab

At Nirvana Recovery Center our goal is to provide personalized trauma-informed care to help individuals overcome addiction and live without dependence on drugs.

Methamphetamine, cocaine, benzodiazepines, and opioids are just a few of the often abused drugs that cause addiction issues in Arizona. Opioids have emerged as one of the deadliest drugs in the nation, not just in the state, in recent years.Individual therapy sessions and clinical process groups are conducted six days a week.

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When To Seek Help From a Substance Abuse Treatment Program?

Knowing when to seek help is the first step to addiction recovery, and professional help is the best way to manage withdrawal and return to a usual way of life. Some of the signs you may need to seek help include:
  • Increased thoughts of drug use
  • Problems at school or work
  • Legal issues that arise from substance abuse
  • Health problems caused by drug and alcohol use
  • Inability to quit on your own
  • Lack of interest in things you once enjoyed
  • Irregular sleep issues
  • Changes in eating habits, including weight loss or weight gain
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Move past your drug addiction.

At Nirvana Recovery Center, we believe that every person is capable of healing and achieving their full potential.


Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease that affects the way your brain works and can affect your behavior.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Arizona
As a result of the addiction, you can’t get enough of the substance, no matter how adverse the consequences of your actions are. You can become addicted to nearly anything, including prescription drugs, alcohol, nicotine and over-the-counter medications.
While there are certain risk factors for addiction, including genetics, easy access to drugs and alcohol, mental health issues, family conflicts and a history of abuse, anyone can struggle with addictive behaviors.
Typically, an individual starts using it casually to relieve stress or to produce specific feelings. Over time and with repeated use, it takes more and more of the substance to achieve the same results leading to addiction. Fortunately, the earlier you seek help, the easier it is to recover and the less likely you are to suffer from long-lasting symptoms.

Did You Know

In the greater phoenix area, the past year rate of non-medical use of prescription-type pain relievers was 6.1 percent, which was higher than the rate in the Nation as a whole.
Among adults in the Phoenix- (231,000 adults) experienced a major depressive episode in the past year.
There were approximately 18,000 paramedic responses to opioid overdose in Arizona, with over 15000 requiring Narcan administration
Opioids were involved in 80,411 overdose deaths in 2021 (75.4% of all drug overdose deaths) in the United States.
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