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Alcohol addiction is a severe and far-reaching issue that affects not only individuals but also their families. And it’s especially noticeable in PhoenixMesaScottsdale, where about 18% of the adult population consumes unhealthy amounts of alcohol. We’re not talking about the occasional overindulgence. It’s about delving into the realms of misuse, dependence, and outright addiction.

A Sober, happier life is just around the corner.

Our Phoenix alcohol rehab offers tailored programs for addiction recovery and substance abuse disorders, including interventions, outpatient treatment, detox partners, therapy, and support.​​

Phoenix Alcohol Addiction Treatment Services

At Nirvana Recovery, we have a deep understanding of alcohol dependence and its complexities. This condition manifests through a range of symptoms, including poor judgment, blackouts, disruption of the brain’s natural balance, confusion, seizures, unconsciousness, respiratory suppression, slow heart rate.

Our team of highly qualified therapists specializes in treating alcohol addiction with personalized care. We offer a comprehensive range of evidence-based treatment modalities depending on the severity of your condition.

Our dual-diagnosis drug and alcohol rehab programs assist those struggling to understand the root psychological and emotional causes of their addictions. We help clients heal from trauma and learn healthy coping mechanisms to manage stressful triggers. Through the different programs offered at Nirvana Recovery, our clients are equipped with practical tools and strategies to prevent relapse after treatment, with in-depth aftercare support.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Nirvana Recovery’s alcohol treatment in Phoenix helps people overcome alcoholism and reclaim their lives. We provide comprehensive treatment for individuals struggling with alcohol use disorder, including residential rehabilitation placement, intensive programs, aftercare planning, as well as facilitating interventions and detox.

Alcohol rehab Phoenix
Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Phoenix

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The IOP provides more frequent support for complex needs. It might be a good option if you need more structure than traditional outpatient care. DBT, CBT, and family therapy are some examples of intensive outpatient care.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Clients in our Drug and Alcohol Rehab (PHP) experience a program that mirrors that of a residential setting, with evidence-based group therapy, psychoeducation, recovery skills building, and more. With intensive treatment rooted in compassion, PHP empowers individuals to begin addiction recovery while navigating real-world responsibilities.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) Alcohol Rehab Phoenix
Residential Treatment For Alcohol Addiction Phoenix

Residential Treatment

Nirvana Recovery drug and alcohol addiction treatment program works with local residential treatment partners to provide clients with a highly structured and supportive living environment. We believe healing from addiction sometimes requires complete separation from triggers, focused self-work, and the development of coping skills within a community of support.


Nirvana Recovery works with trained interventionists to facilitate interventions for individuals suffering from addiction and substance abuse disorder. We help concerned family members and friends develop specialized plans to present the tangible and emotional consequences of addiction, substance abuse disorder, make treatment arrangements, and inspire acceptance of help.

Addiction interventions Phoenix


Nirvana Recovery can help to facilitate medically supervised detox for individuals physically dependent on drugs or alcohol. Detox involves 24/7 monitoring and care from a clinical team as substances leave the body.

Detoxing from alcohol before admission to a recovery program significantly increases the chances of achieving long-term sobriety. Completing a medical detox program can also reduce the need for anti-anxiety medications following admission to an inpatient alcohol treatment program. At Nirvana, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our clients, working closely with reputable medical detox facilities to ensure a smooth and successful transition into our comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment program.

Aftercare Support

We understand that addiction recovery is a lifelong journey that continues after formal treatment programs end. That’s why in-depth aftercare planning is integral to our treatment programming at Nirvana Recovery. Aftercare support includes outpatient therapy, transitional living, crisis support, alumni programs, peer communities, and more. We are here to support you and provide ongoing assistance.

Recovery is a Journey

Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is a journey, and you don’t have to walk it alone. Our compassionate team at Nirvana’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center supports clients every step of the way, from detox through to our aftercare alumni programs. With customized treatment and compassionate care, long-lasting recovery is within reach.

Residential Treatment, Drug Rehab Chandler

Overcoming Addiction

Why Nirvana Recovery is the Right Choice

A Fusion of Healing Practices Our approach combines FDA-approved medications, counseling, and behavioral therapies. It’s not just about treating symptoms. It’s about nurturing your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, paving the way for a holistic recovery journey.

Trained ExpertsOur experienced therapists, medical professionals, and counselors do not rely solely on textbooks. They provide customized, evidence-based treatments.

More Than Just TreatmentOvercoming alcohol dependency is tough; we know. That’s why we’re committed to offering compassionate, ongoing support, helping you face and overcome the challenges of alcohol dependency with dignity and strength.

Choices That Fit YouBecause every individual’s journey is different, we offer a range of customized treatment programs, including medications, outpatient treatment, and various therapies. This individualized approach ensures that each person receives the most effective treatment as per their situation.

Skills for the Road AheadRecovery is just the beginning. We’re also here to equip you with essential life skills, from managing finances to resolving conflicts, ensuring you’re prepared for whatever life throws your way post-recovery.

Phoenix Resources

Phoenix Clubs and Programs Fostering Positivity Among Adults

If you’re in Phoenix, you have a wealth of resources available! The city boasts a thriving network of clubs and programs specifically designed to empower adults. Take, for instance, The Phoenix: National Sober Active Community, which honors sobriety and recovery. You might wonder, how? All they ask from an individual is to participate in Phoenix-led activities, which keeps them away from substance abuse for 48 hours.

Community Center In Phoenix
Counselling Centers Support Groups and Hotlines for Phoenix Adults

Phoenix Resources

Counselling Centers, Support Groups, and Hotlines for Phoenix Adults

If you’re living in Phoenix and need mental health support, especially with alcohol abuse concerns? We’ve prepared something just for you. This complimentary resources checklist includes counseling services, support groupsemergency numbers, and hotlines, all chosen with care for individuals like you.

Our team, knowledgeable in both medical and emotional support, has put this together to ensure you get the support you ought. We’re here to offer expert advice and a friendly ear when you need it most. Reaching out might seem hard, but we’re here to walk you through every step with understanding and professionalism.

Terros Health

Terros Health’s team offers expert care for substance use and alcohol addiction. They will guide you from the start of your recovery journey. Think of recovery as a journey taken one day at a time.

Getting started with them is simple: The process begins with an evaluation. They know every individual’s story is different, so they start with an initial conversation with their behavioral health experts. This discussion helps them get to know you better and plan out your customized recovery program.

  • Address: 27th Avenue Health Center 3864 N 27th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85017
  • Phone: New patients: 602-685-6000, Existing patients: 602-797-7000, Pharmacy: 602-358-0078
  • Website:

SB&H Services

SB&H is on a mission to help our community in Phoenix uniquely and meaningfully. Imagine a place where you can find support for alcohol addiction and mental health issues, receive psychiatric care, obtain help with medications, and get assistance if you’re struggling with substance abuse. They designed their programs to be exactly what you need when you need it. It’s all about providing you with the right tools and support to face life’s challenges. With SB&H, you’re never alone on your journey to wellness.

  • Address: 3450 N. 3rd Street Phoenix, Arizona 85012
  • Phone: 602-265-8338
  • Website:

Family Service Agency

Think of Substance Use Disorder (alcohol abuse) as a condition that can range from mild to severe. Sometimes, the root of the problem is bad incidents that haven’t been dealt with appropriately. At FSA, they listen, understand, and create a customized healing plan just for you.

  • Address: Metro (I-17 and Peoria Ave.) 10220 N. 31st Ave #103 Phoenix, AZ 85051
  • Contact Details: (602) 863-1862
  • Website:

Phoenix Alcohol Addiction Certified Therapists

These highly recommended certified local therapists in Phoenix, are dedicated to providing exceptional care for alcohol addiction recovery.

Phoenix Recovery

Phoenix Support Groups for Adults

In Phoenix, Arizona, there’s a strong network of support groups and places aimed at helping adults fight against substance abuse, boost mental health, and build a supportive community. We’ve compiled a list of these groups, which are well-known for their work.

NAMI Greater Phoenix

  • Family Support Groups are free gatherings held every month for people taking care of family members with mental health and substance issues.
  • At these meetings, family members get to share their stories and the lessons they’ve learned in a friendly and supportive space.
  • These groups, run by trained NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) members, are available throughout Arizona.
  • Everyone who comes is encouraged to join the conversation and share their own experiences and advice. It’s all about mutual support, sharing the lessons learned on their journeys.
  • Website:

Alcohol Anonymous Phoenix

  • Alcoholics Anonymous is an international fellowship where individuals, regardless of gender, come together over a common challenge: alcohol addiction.
  • This fellowship program operates on goodwill rather than professional advice and maintains a space that celebrates diversity and remains apolitical.
  • It is widely accessible, imposing no age or educational attainment restrictions. Anyone seeking to address their issues with alcohol is welcome to join.


  • EMPACT-SPC offers various support groups, including those for individuals and families affected by suicide and mental health issues.
  • Their groups focus on healing, support, and resilience-building within the community.
  • Website:

Jewish Family & Children's Service

  • They offer support groups that cater to a wide range of needs, including mental health and well-being for adults.
  • Their groups often focus on specific themes like grief, stress management, and family dynamics, promoting understanding and community support.
  • Website:

Phoenix Resources

Reading and Literary Engagement Programs for Phoenix Adults

Even with “everything” available on the Internet today, libraries are quiet, calming spaces—and still relevant!

Beyond mere joy, the library shelves hold invaluable resources. Self-help guides offered practical strategies for managing cravings and emotional distress. Memoirs of individuals (like Dry: A Memoir, by Augusten Burroughs) who overcame addiction can instill both hope and a sense of shared experience.

But see, the library is not a magic solution. Professional help is crucial. However, within its walls, you can find a unique shelter where you can escape from the triggers that fuel your drinking.

So, if you’re battling alcohol abuse in Phoenix, remember, you’re not alone.

Explore the resources at your disposal. The Phoenix Public Library can be a powerful ally in your journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Public Library In Phoenix

Phoenix Emergency Response/Hotlines

Emergency Procedure: Notify 911 or 988

Stay Calm: If you’re with someone experiencing an overdose or severe mental health crisis, try to keep them calm and reassure them help is on the way.

Safety First: Ensure the individual is in a safe place, away from any immediate harm. If they are unconscious or having trouble breathing, place them in the recovery position.

Do Not Wait: If the individual has overdosed or is in severe distress, do not wait for the symptoms to worsen. Immediate action can save a life.

Maricopa County Crisis Hotlines

  • Crisis Hotlines
    • Call 602-222-9444 or 1-800-631-1314 (toll-free)
    • 1-800-327-9254 hearing impaired (TeleTYpe/Telecommunications Device for the Deaf)

Mercy Care Phoenix

Imagine being in a crisis that feels like a ticking time bomb. Maybe it’s you, or perhaps your loved one, who’s facing sprains or migraine headaches due to excessive alcohol consumption. In these moments, hesitation is not an option. Immediate action can be the difference between life and death. And that’s what Mercy Care provides you in the comfort of your home. Check out their website to know more (This service is paid.).

  • Address:
  • Phone Number:
    • Call 1-844-534-4673
    • 1-855-331-6432
    • 1-844-534-HOPE Or text HOPE to 4HOPE (44673).
  • Website:

We’re In-network with Insurance Providers

We work with most major insurance providers to help minimize the cost of treatment. Let’s check to see if your provider will cover your treatment.

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Like many places, Arizona faces significant challenges with addiction stemming from opioids, fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine, alcohol, and benzodiazepines If you’re struggling, Nirvana Recovery is here to help you every step of the way!

We will come to get you if necessary. Just call us. Let’s start your new life.

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Riley Johnson
Riley Johnson
I had some serious mental health issue which led me to using drugs like heroin, and when that became too expensive Fentanyl. I also developed an alcohol addiction and needed help. Nirvana helped to guide me in the right direction.
Wade Houy
Wade Houy
Great staff great opportunity to be part of my recovery journey


Nirvana treats all types of substance use disorders including but not limited to alcohol, opiates, stimulants, and more.

Every client is handled on a case-by-case basis. if you need detox, we can help.

CBT, DBT, Solution-focused treatment approaches in a group, individual, and family therapy setting.

Yes, at Nirvana Recovery we understand that relapse is a part of recovery and can help clients get back on track.

Yes, you can confidentially verify your insurance here

No, we do not accept AHCCCS insurance, but here is a resource for you if you have AHCCCS insurance

Intervention can be described as an opportunity to bring awareness to the unhealthy life patterns associated with problematic substance use.

We will work with you to help identify the best course of treatment to help you maintain sobriety. This can look very different from person to person.

Our Admissions Experts Are Standing By

Whether you or a family member needs help, our team of caring professionals are available to help.