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Have you noticed disturbing changes in yourself or a loved one, such as sudden mood swings, wanting to be alone, keeping too many secrets, or excessive spending? Or perhaps physical symptoms—muscle aches, yawning, tossing and turning all night, breaking out in sweats, crying easily, runny nose, anxiety, or restlessness?

If these symptoms ring true, it may highlight the need for rehabilitation care. You might wonder, “Can drug rehab effectively redirect one’s life course?”

The negative impact of substances like methamphetamine, cocaine, benzos, and particularly opioids is vast, not just in our community but across the nation, with Scottsdale feeling a significant brunt.

That’s where we come in. We are more than a rehab facility; we embody the first step toward freedom from substance dependence.

Our goal is to provide personalized care that addresses the root causes of substance use addiction. Imagine us as your guide on the challenging recovery journey, leading toward a future of sobriety and well-being.

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Scottsdale Drug Rehabilitation Services

The treatment of substance addiction occurs in several steps. The first method in the treatment of addiction is medical detoxification in case one is experiencing some signs of withdrawal from opioids, alcohol, and sedative-like benzodiazepines. This is an important first step, but it’s only the beginning. Withdrawal management does not replace the needed fuller spectrum of rehabilitation. After the individual has been guided safely through detox, it is imperative that further treatment is to be undertaken. This next stage deals with the physical and emotional elements of the addiction by dealing with the issues that fuel cravings for substances. After completing the treatment program, our drug rehab facility carries out a personalized aftercare plan with strategies that will help the individual avoid relapse and support mechanisms.


Move past your drug addiction.

At Nirvana Recovery Center, we believe that every person is capable of healing and achieving their full potential.


Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease that affects the way your brain works and can alter your behavior.


We consider detoxification a critical first step in our holistic treatment plans, guided by our professional team of therapists. This aims at the immediate implications of drug intake to reduce the intensity of symptoms that are likely to be suffered during withdrawal. Medical detox is crucial for alcohol and some drugs, as it ensures a safe recovery and can sometimes save lives. Our detoxification process consists of three basic stages: in-detail assessment, medical and psychological stabilization, and readiness for further stages of treatment.

This highly trained staff performs a thorough substance assessment and judges the mental and physical health in an attempt to lay a course of treatment best suitable for the individual. The guiding principle in this stabilization stage is to lead the individual up to the level of medical stabilization, free from the use of the substance, by detoxifying the individual.

Detoxification for Drug Rehab in Gilbert
Drug and Alcohol Rehab Arizona

Intensive Outpatient Program

For individuals with complex substance use conditions, Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) offer a higher level of support and structure compared to traditional outpatient care. These programs often incorporate evidence-based therapies such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and family therapy to provide comprehensive treatment.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

PHP stands for ‘Partial Hospitalization Program,’ serving as a midpoint in the substance use disorder treatment spectrum between the comprehensive care of residential treatment and the flexible Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Its distinct advantage lies in blending intensive daytime therapy sessions with the opportunity for patients to return to their homes each evening, thus facilitating a seamless integration of rigorous care and personal autonomy.

Drug Rehab Chandler
Residential Treatment, Drug Rehab Chandler

Residential Treatment

At Nirvana Recovery, we understand that each individual’s path to overcoming substance use is unique. To ensure the most effective treatment, we work with local residential treatment professionals who specialize in creating structured environments conducive to healing. We recognize that sometimes, the key to lasting recovery lies in temporarily distancing oneself from everyday triggers and focusing on personal growth. Our approach emphasizes the development of essential coping strategies within a supportive community that provides unwavering guidance and encouragement throughout the recovery process.


Nirvana partners with experienced interventionists to assist you and your family in Scottsdale through substance abuse. So, suppose you’re worried about your loved ones who are drowning themselves in substances like alcohol or drugs.

In that case, this program not only comes face to face with the grim reality of alcoholism and drug abuse but also opens a window of hope and possibly the most important first step of accepting help.

Drug Rehab Chandler
Aftercare Support, Drug Rehab Gilbert


Overcoming substance abuse is a lifelong endeavor that extends beyond the confines of formal treatment programs. At Nirvana Recovery, we understand the importance of comprehensive aftercare planning as a crucial element of our treatment programming.

Our aftercare support services encompass outpatient therapy, transitional living facilities, crisis intervention resources, alumni programs, peer support groups, and additional supportive measures. We are committed to being there for you, offering the necessary support throughout your recovery journey.

Residential Treatment, Drug Rehab Chandler

Overcoming Addiction

Why Nirvana Recovery Is the Right Choice

  • A Fusion of Healing Practices –
    Nirvana Recovery stands out as the premier choice for substance use disorder treatment due to our fusion of healing practices. We combine FDA-approved medications, counseling, and behavioral therapies, addressing physical symptoms and nurturing your mental and emotional well-being, facilitating a holistic recovery journey.
  • Trained Connoisseurs –
    Our trained connoisseurs, including experienced therapists, medical professionals, and counselors, provide customized, evidence-based treatments based on the severity of your condition.
  • More Than Just Treatment –
    We understand that overcoming substance abuse is a formidable challenge, which is why we offer compassionate, ongoing support, enabling you to face and overcome these substance abuse challenges with dignity and strength.
  • Choices That Fit You – 
    Our approach recognizes that each individual’s journey is unique. We offer a range of customized treatment programs, from medications and outpatient treatments to various therapies, ensuring that each person receives the most effective treatment for their specific situation.
  • Skills for the Road Ahead –
    At Nirvana Recovery, we are committed to not only treating the dependency but also equipping you with essential life skills, such as managing finances and resolving conflicts, preparing you for the road ahead.

Scottsdale RESOURCES

Recreational Centers, Programs, Sports & Fitness Clubs for Scottsdale Adults

If you’re living in Scottsdale, you’re sitting on a goldmine of resources and opportunities. Imagine having access to not just any functional fitness, but ones that bring together the best in wellness innovation, like those led by Nancy Miller.

Here, individuals find everything from yoga to basketball, all designed to foster their health. The city doesn’t stop at fitness; it extends its offerings to recreational centers, art programs, engaging activities, and serene parks and aquatic activities. It’s a holistic approach to health, tailor-made for adults seeking fun and wellness.

Note: These programs offer daily and monthly fee options, ideal for individuals or those not ready for a long-term commitment.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Scottsdale
Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Scottsdale

Scottsdale RESOURCES

Hotlines, Counselling Centers, and Support Groups for Scottsdale Adults

If you’re living in Scottsdale and looking for no-cost support for mental health, especially if you’re an adult dealing with substance abuse. In that case, we’ve carefully compiled a checklist that includes everything from emergency contacts, hotlines, and counseling services to support groups for you. Designed to meet your needs, it offers expert advice and support, ensuring that help is always within reach. And as always, we’re here to help guide you.

Scottsdale Recovery

Scottsdale Support Groups & Counselling Centers

SMART Recovery

In Scottsdale, SMART Recovery is revolutionizing the journey of overcoming addiction. Imagine a meeting space that is not just a series of steps but a transformative experience. SMART, which stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training, offers a path for individuals caught in the grip of addictive behaviors to find their way to a life marked by self-esteem and a genuine eagerness for positive change. This isn’t just about leaving substances behind; it’s about embracing a whole new outlook on life.

Mental Health Arizona

Mental Health Arizona enables individuals to join its no-cost peer support groups, which are a great resource for you or your loved one grappling with mental disorders, depression, and OCD. These support sessions happen weekly through a video call, scheduled on specific days that you can easily see on their website. If you’re considering joining or need more details, Andy Arnowitz, who coordinates these peer support groups, is ready to help. You can reach out to him at 480-994-4407.

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Scottsdale RESOURCES

Reading and Literary Engagement Programs for Scottsdale Adults

In today’s world, where the internet seems to have all the answers, the value of libraries might seem a bit old-fashioned to the alpha generation. But it’s important not to underestimate these quiet, calming spaces. They’re more than just places to get lost in a good story.

Libraries are filled with essential tools, from self-help books that give step-by-step advice for managing cravings for substances like drugs or alcohol to autobiographies of people who have successfully battled addiction. Books like “Dry: A Memoir” by Augusten Burroughs and “Stash: My Life in Hiding” by Laura Cathcart Robbins don’t just offer hope; they create a sense of belonging and understanding.
Yet, it’s crucial to recognize that libraries aren’t a one-stop solution.

The expertise of medical professionals remains unmatched. Libraries do, however, offer a unique benefit: a peaceful environment free from everyday triggers that might lead to a setback in someone’s recovery journey.
For those in Scottsdale dealing with substance challenges, it’s vital to know that they’re not alone. They have access to a wealth of resources. The Scottsdale Public Library stands out as a significant ally in their quest for a healthier and more satisfying life.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Scottsdale

Scottsdale Emergency Response/Hotlines

Emergency Procedure: Notify 911 or 988

During life-threatening emergencies, it is crucial to notify 911 or reach out to the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. But before you inform them, here are some immediate steps that you need to follow:

  • Stay Calm: If you are with someone experiencing an overdose or severe mental health crisis, try to keep them calm and reassure them that help is on the way.
  • Safety First: Ensure the individual is in a safe place, away from any immediate harm. If they are unconscious or having trouble breathing, place them in the recovery position.
  • Do Not Wait: If the individual has overdosed or is in severe distress, do not wait for the symptoms to worsen. Immediate action can save a life.

Solari Crisis Response Network

  • Back in 2007, they started with a mission: to stand by those feeling lost, offering a light through their darkest times. Their trained team of skilled Crisis Intervention Specialists, aren’t just trained in the latest methods. They bring warmth, understanding, and a listening ear to every conversation, crafting responses that resonate with each individual’s journey.
  • So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by spurs of substance use struggles, mental health concerns, or worried about your loved one? You’re not alone. They’re here to extend a hand, equipped with knowledge and empathy, to navigate these struggles together.
  • Website:

Maricopa County Crisis Hotlines

Crisis Hotlines

  • Call 602-222-9444 or
  • 1-800-631-1314 (toll-free) or
  • 1-800-327-9254 hearing impaired (TeleTYpe/Telecommunications Device for the Deaf)
Riley Johnson
Riley Johnson
I had some serious mental health issue which led me to using drugs like heroin, and when that became too expensive Fentanyl. I also developed an alcohol addiction and needed help. Nirvana helped to guide me in the right direction.
Wade Houy
Wade Houy
Great staff great opportunity to be part of my recovery journey