Arizona’s MOUD Expansion

Evidence-Based Strategies for Opioid Recovery

The Critical Role of MOUD in Addressing the Opioid Crisis

Medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD) is a vital evidence-based intervention for treating opioid use disorder (OUD) and reducing opioid overdose deaths.

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MOUD has been shown to reduce opioid use, decrease overdose risk, and improve overall health outcomes for individuals with OUD.

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The Opioid Crisis in Arizona: The Need for Expanded MOUD Access

Verified non-fatal opioid overdose events increased from 3,428 in 2022 to 4,066 in 2023, an 18.6% increase.

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More than 5 Arizonans every single day lost their lives to opioid overdoses in 2023.

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The Opioid-Overdose Reduction Continuum of Care Approach (ORCCA) Guide

ORCCA is a plan to help communities reduce the number of people dying from opioid overdoses.

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The ORCCA has three main parts

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1. Overdose Education and Naloxone Distribution (OEND)

2. Effective delivery of MOUD

3. Safer opioid prescribing/dispensing

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Strategies for Arizona Treatment Centers to Expand MOUD Access

Drug treatment centers in Arizona can play a crucial role in expanding MOUD access by implementing strategies outlined in the SAMHSA new ORCCA practice guide 2023.

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ORCCA guide highlights several key strategies for expanding MOUD access:

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1. Partnering with Healthcare Organizations

2. Utilizing Telemedicine to Reach Underserved Areas

3. Collaborating with Criminal Justice Partners

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