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The Fight Against Fentanyl: How Arizona’s Opioid Settlement Funds Will Help Save Lives

The Fight Against Fentanyl How Arizonas Opioid Settlement Funds Will Help Save Lives

Opioid addiction has slammed into communities across the U.S., and Arizona hasn’t been spared. According to the Arizona Department of Health Services’ latest data, More than 5 Arizonans every single day lost their lives to opioid overdoses in 2023, which made it clear that something needed to be done and fast.

arizona department of health services opioid prevention data 2023
Verified Non-Fatal Opioid Overdose Events
Total Confirm Opioid Deaths in 2023
Emergency and Inpatient Visits involving Suspected Opioid Overdose in 2023
Percent of EMS/Law Enforcement Responses for Suspected Opioid Overdose with Naloxone Administered
Thankfully, a glimmer of hope has emerged. Arizona is getting its part of a $1 billion opioid settlement. These funds will be used to fight the dangers of fentanyl (potent synthetic opioid drug) crisis and hopefully save lives.

Holding Those Responsible Accountable

This $1 billion settlement is the result of lawsuits filed by 3000 state and local municipalities along with other businesses and corporations. They all sued opioid manufacturers, distributors, and pharmacies because they believed these companies played a big role in fueling the opioid crisis. Now, these companies are being held responsible for the damage they caused.

Maricopa County Gets Resources to Help Women Heal

Maricopa County, Arizona’s most populated county, is getting a big piece of the settlement—a whopping $54 million! This money will be divided among many different organizations working hard to stop this opioid epidemic.

One example is Live and Learn Arizona. This program helps women affected by opioid use. It will receive $60,000 from the settlement to expand its two-year program.

This is a big step forward in the fight against the opioid crisis in Arizona. It’s a chance to help people heal and rebuild their lives.

And centers like Nirvana Recovery Arizona are lifesavers, too. We help people get better through our Arizona Drug Rehab Program. In this, we often include different evidence-based therapies and treatment programs that have been proven to work so they can address the real reasons behind these substance addictions.

Apart from this, the opioid crisis has even struck people and families hard, which cannot be overstated. Take Marie, for example. She used opioids for a while, but she’s been clean for ten years now (knowing firsthand the devastation that addiction can cause). That’s amazing!

But all this understanding came at a cost. She lost her cousin to an overdose, which is just heartbreaking. That’s what pushed her to get help and turn things around. Today, she’s doing great, and medical marijuana has been a big help for her instead of opioids.

And Marie’s story is just one of many. Countless Arizonans have been affected by this opioid crisis. The settlement money is a lifesaver for them. It will be used for all sorts of support, like making it easier to get addiction treatment and mental health help.

You see it’s going to be tough, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. The money from the settlement and the hard work of centers like Nirvana Recovery Arizona make a big difference. Together, we can fight the fentanyl crisis problem and help people who are struggling. Arizona can beat this opioid crisis, and by working as a team, we can save many lives.

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